The Adventures of a Couch Potato in Daejeon

A few months and over a thousand shots later, I can say that the Panasonic TM900 is not only one of the most satisfactory electronics purchases I’ve ever made, it also appears to be  virtually incapable of taking a single unusable shot. As I said in a previous post, in the main menu under picture adjust, I keep the exposure set at -4. In backlit scenes, I open up the iris one stop, and in bright contrasty conditions, I close it down. Outdoors on all but sunshiny days, I set the white balance on cloudy. My only concern about the camera is the flimsy microphone and battery charger terminal covers, but I haven’t read about any breaking off.  I would highly recommend picking this camcorder up before they sell out, unless you’re holding out for 4K or something.