Leeming LUT One Bug – Update On Its Way

I’ve been relying on Paul Leeming’s LUTs for several months now to restore the rec. 709 color space to my Cinelike D footage, and more recently for previewing V-Log Lite in camera and for color correction in post. Last night, however, while I was reviewing a Cinelike D test shot with the GH5 prior to recording my first look at the Laowa 7.5mm f/2 lens, I realized that the LUT was clipping the highlights at somewhere around 90 IRE and the shadows couldn’t be pulled down farther than around 15 IRE. I emailed Paul Leeming, who responded almost immediately by sending me v406 Beta LUT, which happened to solve the issue. The screen shots below illustrate the problem with the soon-to-be updated Cinelike D LUT for the GH5.

Original File

Leeming LUT One

Luminance correction – highlights and shadows clip